WIZ XP2: 1500 lumens

The First of the Ituo lights designed from the ground up with the help of MTBR members.  All of the standard Ituo features in a compact size with external 6800mah battery pack, removable remote and fully compatible with all Gopro style tab mounting systems.  And first of its kind to offer stepless thermal protection with real time internal readings in an affordable light.  

XP2 (3-12 hour run time): MSRp $169.95

"Designed and tested by cyclists for cyclists"

Most popular lighting systems on MTBR.com

Proof that quality and performance isn't something that means expensive.  Including being the first company to release all bike lights with neutral white 5000k LEDs.  Night riding should be enjoyed not just a necessary evil.  Neutral white let you see the world in its natural, vibrant colors without strain and washout.

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WIZ 1 and WIZ 2: 800 Lumens

The perfect all around light.  Flashlight profile, great mixed beam, change the battery on the go, and gopro style mount compatible.  The light to keep in your pack just in case or for the ride home from work when you decide to add some off-road to your commute.

WIZ1 (26650 cell, 3-15 hour run time): MSRp $89.95

WIZ2 (18650 cell, 2-10 hour run time): MSRP $79.95

USB Rechargeable Lights

WIZ XP3: 2300 lumens

The triple emitter version of the xp2, there's nothing this light cant do and do well.  every bit is identical to the XP2 from the remote to the customizable optics, just wider and far more powerful.  it may be small and light but it'll bring a new level of clarity to the trails after the sun goes down.

XP3 (2-10 hour run time): MSRp $219.95

The Bolt Taillight: 180 lumens

very possibly the first of its kind.  matching high output and massive viewing angle with programmable modes, usb charging and a replaceable 18650 Li-Ion Battery.  Make that safe and commanding presence that can't be ignored

Bolt Taillight (10-40 hour run time): MSRp $69.95

Xp Series Mountain Bike LIghts

WIZ XP4: 3100 lumens

Welcome to the light that turns night into day on the trails.  Those that ride the most demanding terrain at high speeds demand a light that makes the trails clearly visible as far as they can see.  this light does just that.  our cameras can't do this light justice when we kick it up to high.  And yes, has ever feature and accessory of its little brothers.

XP4 (1.75-8 hour run time): MSRp $249.95

WIZ20: 1500 Lumens

This is the light that started it all.  1500 lumen output in a self contained form factor that made sense.  but that's not the what makes this light popular.  it's what else is part of it.  USB charging with batteries able to be changed on the go (2x 18650 protected cells) and customizable beam patterns.  we started it, now others are trying to catch up.

WIZ20 (2-10 hour run time): MSRP $129.95

The main features included in every Product we offer:

1. Neutral White 5000K tint Cree LEDs.

2. Programmable user interface.  Program both multiple steady modes and flash modes for individual needs

3.  Utilize GoPro compatible mounting design.  Use our mounts or use your own to suit your needs (excludes WIZ20 and Bolt taillight)

4. Replaceable Batteries either via external battery packs (XP series) or individual 18650 Li-Ion cells (USB series and Bolt)

5. Optional optics available to customize beam patterns as desired (Except WIZ1, WIZ2, and Bolt)

6. Full 2 year warranty (exclusions apply) with US based service and support


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Can't Forget the T-shirts

yes the shirts, one thing we believe in above all else is to give back to those that make the sport great.  The people and the organizations.  All money from shirts we sell is donated back to cycling organizations because Volunteers cover the labor, but still takes funds for tools and materials to keep the trails going and gain new ones.  So Ituo donates the shirts, we sell them and every penny is given back to those organizations.

Shirts: $21.49  (Free Shipping)


Catching a glimpse of events, demos, and just random shenanigans.  hopefully the rides we take and friends we make along the way will inspire all riders not to loose what cycling is truly about.